The Clinically Proven
Brain Fitness Program

The clinically-proven brain fitness solution created specifically for senior living providers and their residents.

Why Dakim BrainFitness Professional

Why Dakim

Age-related cognitive decline is the greatest threat to the wellness and quality of life of your residents.

#1 In Senior Living

Getting the most out of life depends on having a sharp mind and keeping it that way. So it’s no surprise that age-related cognitive decline is the greatest threat to the wellness and quality of life of your residents... and their greatest fear. Dakim BrainFitness Professional is the clinically-proven, evidence-based brain-training program specially created to enable senior living providers to help their residents improve and protect their brain health.

With exercises created to appeal to users over age 65, and many unique functions and features that make Dakim BrainFitness Professional easy, practical, and economical to use for senior living providers, Dakim BrainFitness Professional has become the #1 brand of brain fitness in senior living — adopted by more than 500 communities across North America! See below for a map and a list of senior living communities and senior centers offering clinically proven Dakim BrainFitness.

Highly Effective and Cost-Effective

Here are six reasons why you, your staff and your residents will love Dakim BrainFitness Professional:

  • Clinically-proven, evidence-based program
  • Easy for staff to implement and administer
  • Easy for residents to use — serves a broad spectrum of users
  • Offers sophisticated content tailored to adults over age 65
  • Provides usage and performance tracking reports
  • Provides FREE marketing materials to help you promote your program
  • Costs only $3,500 a year — that works out to less than ten cents a day, per resident, for an average community (100 beds)! And for communities with less than 50 beds, the cost is just $35 per bed, per year.

It Matters to Your Residents

Dakim BrainFitness Professional addresses the greatest concern of your residents, your prospects, and their families — loss of cognitive function:

MetLife Study: Alzheimer's is the most feared disease among adults age 55+ AARP Survey: “Staying mentally sharp” is the #1 concern of AARP members

As a result of unprecedented media coverage over the past few years, residents, prospects, and their families are acutely aware of both sides of the brain health issue — the threat of Alzheimer's, and the evidence that brain fitness activities can improve cognitive function and protect the brain from long-term decline.

The Clinically Proven Solution

The Proven Solution

Dakim BrainFitness Professional has been clinically proven to significantly improve cognitive performance in the two most important areas — memory and language abilities.

Designed for senior living, Dakim BrainFitness Professional has been clinically proven to significantly improve memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities, the two aspects of cognitive function that (1) have the greatest impact on quality of life; (2) are the most noticeable to individuals, and; (3) are of the greatest concern to people over age 50—memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities.

These gains were achieved as users strengthened attention, focus, and concentration.

And more than two decades of medical research has concluded that long-term participation in rigorous cognitive stimulation, where multiple domains of the brain are exercised routinely — creating what brain researchers call a cognitive reserve (a reserve of neural connections) — is associated with as much as a 63% reduced risk for dementia!

Good For Your Business

Good For Business

You know that anytime you offer a service that effectively enhances the wellness and quality of life of your residents, you're doing the right thing.

But don't overlook the important bottom-line business benefits that such programs can create. Healthier, higher-functioning residents infuse the entire community with their vitality, they require less care, and most importantly, they live longer! And very likely, they and their grateful loved ones will spread the word about the wellness programs offered by your community.

To keep census high in today's tough economic climate, you're having to compete harder than ever for every new resident. Relying on costly financial move-in incentives to persuade prospects and their families to choose your community is an expensive way to go.

But the census-building game — and the reasons why prospects and their families choose a senior living community — is changing. Increasingly, substantive programs that help residents enhance and maintain wellness and quality of life are becoming the most important criteria (after cost and location) in choosing one senior living community over another.

Offering a clinically proven brain fitness program, such as Dakim BrainFitness Professional — as part of an overall wellness program — can be an important differentiator for your community, providing a meaningful incentive to prospects and their families to choose your community as their new home.

While this is not likely to entirely eliminate the need for all financial move-in incentives, marketed properly (emphasizing the significant potential impact on long-term wellness and quality of life), substantive wellness programs can provide a cost-effective tool with which to influence a prospect's (and their loved one's) decision and reduce the overall cost of building and maintaining census.

Dakim BrainFitness has always been truly affordable — only $3,500 a year. That works out to less than ten cents a day, per resident, for an average community (100 residents)! And for communities with less than fifty beds, the cost is just $35 per bed, per year.

But until now, if you wanted to offer clinically proven Dakim BrainFitness to your residents, you could only do it on Dakim's proprietary Touchscreen computer appliance.

But now it's even more economical. You no longer need to purchase a separate Dakim Touchscreen, because Dakim BrainFitness now runs on PCs, Macs, and iPads — yours and your residents'.

Let’s do the math: Each new resident, on average, brings in $4,000 per month to the community, or roughly $50,000 per year. The cost of Dakim BrainFitness Professional is about $35 per year, per resident. If actively marketing a dedicated brain health program brings in just one new resident (or enables the community to close the deal with fewer financial incentives), the return on investment is huge.

Marketing Your Dakim BrainFitness Professional Program

Dakim provides its customers with a FREE turnkey, multi-media marketing program to (1) help them market their Dakim program inside their community to their residents, and (2) for out-reach to prospects and their families. (Learn More)

Easy to Administer. Easy to Use. Cost Effective.

Designed for senior living, Dakim relies on smart technology to make delivering a highly effective and customized brain-training program to each of your residents, easy, and highly cost-effective!

Four unique features make this possible:

DakimADMINRegistering residents and monitoring their usage is a snap, using Dakim’s online application called DakimADMIN.

SeniorCentric™ User InterfaceOur intuitive SeniorCentric™ interface makes everything easy-to-see, easy-to-read, and easy-to understand — the result — little or no training of staff or residents required.

EasyTouch™ Log-OnOur EasyTouch™ Log-On Sequence does away with user names and passwords, letting residents start their session by simply entering their first and last initials and then confirming their identity. And because everything is automated, once they've started their session, the program guides them through every step.

Because Dakim BrainFitness runs on PCs, Macs, and iPads—yours’ and your residents', your residents can do their sessions on any PC in your community, or their own PCs, Macs, and iPads in the privacy of their own room, and on their schedule.

Bottom Line:  Virtually every resident — regardless of their level of cognitive functionality — can successfully use Dakim BrainFitness Professional with little or no staff assistance!

Many of your residents lead busy, active lives and most likely, are not “in the market” for another time-filling “activity.” But Dakim BrainFitness Professional is anything but a time-filling activity — it is a clinically proven brain training program that can have a profound impact on the quality of their lives. Living a highly active life depends on keeping your mind sharp. And keeping minds sharp is exactly what Dakim BrainFitness Professional delivers!

The #1 Brand of Brain Fitness in Senior Living

First introduced to senior living communities in 2006, Dakim BrainFitness Professional is now the #1 brand of brain fitness in senior living, used in more Independent Retirement and Assisted Living communities, Adult Day Centers, Memory Care Centers, Veterans Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Area Agency on Aging senior centers than any other brain fitness program.

Senior living providers and their residents at senior communities across North America have hailed Dakim BrainFitness Professional as:

“A Miracle Machine”

Gov. George Leader

Founder & CEO

Providence Place

Chambersburg, VA

“Very Inspirational”

Daniel Watson

Terrace Club Coordinator


Playa Vista, CA

“Better Than Any Other Systems”

“Better Than Any...”

Ed Silva

Executive Director

Brookdale Ocean House

Santa Monica, CA

Where Dakim Is Used

Dakim BrainFitness Professional, the #1 brand of brain fitness in senior living, is used in more Independent Retirement and Assisted Living communities, Adult Day Centers, Memory Care Centers, Veterans Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Area Agency on Aging senior centers than any other brain fitness program in North America.



Gilbert by Sunrise

(480) 632-9400


St. John's Manor by Front Porch

(623) 337-4453


Mesa Good Shepherd by The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

(480) 981-0098


Helping Partners Program by Benevilla

(623) 584-4999

Peoria Day Center by Benevilla

(623) 584-4999


McDowell Village by West Living, LLC


Sun City

Marys Place by Benevilla

(623) 584-4999

Sun City Restorative Care by Benevilla

(623) 584-4999


Lucy Annes Place by Benevilla

(623) 584-4999



Jonesboro Senior Life Center by East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging

(870) 207-7611


Stonehaven Assisted Living by Stonehaven Assisted Living

(501) 803-3335


Aliso Viejo

The Covington by Episcopal Communities & Services

(949) 389-8500


Walnut Village by Front Porch

(714) 507-7000


Carlsbad by the Sea by Front Porch

(800) 255-1556

LA Costa Glen Carlsbad by Continuing Life LLC

(760) 704-1001

Chula Vista

Fredricka Manor by Front Porch

(619) 427-2777


Southbay Retirement Residence by Front Porch

(800) 233-3709


Carlton Senior Living - Concord by Carlton Senior Living

(925) 686-1700


Sunny View Lutheran by Front Porch

(408) 253-4300


Carlton Senior Living Davis by Carlton Senior Living


University Retirement Community by University Retirement Community

(888) 238-2058


Seacrest Village at Encinitas by Seacrest Village Retirement Communities

(760) 632-0081


Redwood Terrace by HumanGood

(800) 842-6775


Carlton Senior Living Fremont by Carlton Senior Living

(510) 505-0555

Huntington Beach

Alzheimers Family Services by Alzheimer's Family Services

(714) 593-9630

Lake Isabella

Kern Valley Healthcare District by Kern Valley Healthcare District

(760) 379-2681

Kern Valley Healthcare District by Kern Valley Healthcare District



Carlton Senior Living Orangevale by Carlton Senior Living

(916) 988-2200

Palo Alto

Vi At Palo Alto by Vi Living

(888) 378-9697


Villa Gardens by Front Porch

(800) 958-4552

Pleasant Hill

Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill by Carlton Senior Living


Pleasant HIll

Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill - Martinez by Carlton Senior Living

(925) 935-1660

Rancho Palos Verdes

The Canterbury by The Episcopal Home Communities

(310) 541-2410


Carlton Senior Living Sacramento by Carlton Senior Living

(916) 971-4800

San Diego

Wesley Palms by Front Porch

(858) 274-4110

San Francisco

The Sequoias by NCPHS

(415) 922-9700

San Jose

Carlton Senior Living San Jose by Carlton Senior Living

(408) 972-1400

San Leandro

Carlton Senior Living San Leandro by Carlton Senior Living

(510) 636-0660

Santa Ana

Vivante Senior Living by Nexus Companies

(714) 546-5600

Santa Barbara

Samarkand Retirement Community by Covenant Retirement Communities

(800) 370-5357


Quaker Gardens by Quaker Gardens

(714) 530-9100

Union City

Acacia Creek by Acacia Creek

(877) 902-7555


New Britain

Arbor Rose by Hartford Healthcare

(860) 229-3707


The Orchards at Southington by Hartford Healthcare

(860) 628-5656



Ginger Cove by Annapolis LifeCare Inc.

(410) 266-7300


Brain Injury Center by Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

(202) 782-3501



Grand Villa of DeLand by Senior Management Advisors


Delray Beach

Harbours Edge by Lifespace Communities

(561) 272-7979

Fort Meyers

Shell Point Retirement Community by Shell Point Retirement Community

(239) 466-1131


Pinecrest Place Retirement Community by Horizon Bay Retirement Living

(727) 581-8142

Mt. Dora

Waterman Village by Waterman Village

(352) 383-0051


Baker Senior Center Naples by Baker Senior Center Naples

(239) 325-4444

Moorings Park by Moorings Park

(239) 643-9111

Moorings Park at Grey Oaks by Moorings Park


Moorings Park Grande Lake by Moorings Park


Ormond Beach

Grand Villa Ormond Beach by Senior Management Advisors

(386) 673-5000

Palm City

Sandhill Cove by Life Care Services, LLC

(772) 266-0909

Pinellas Park

Grand Villa of Pinellas Park by Senior Management Advisors

(386) 454-0801

St. Petersburg

Grand Villa of St. Petersburg by Senior Management Advisors


Sun City Center

Aston Gardens At Sun City Center by Discovery Management Group

(813) 642-8950

Aston Gardens At The Courtyards by Discovery Management Group

(813) 642-8950


Jacaranda Trace by Jacaranda Trace

(941) 408-205



The Oaks at Hampton by The Oaks Senior Living, LLC

678) 965-5700


Azalea Estates by HCC Senior Living Group

(770) 461-0039


Sterling Estates - East Cobb by HCC Senior Living Group

(678) 946-4454

Sterling Estates - West Cobb by HCC Senior Living Group




Senior Star at Elmore Place by Senior Star Living

(563) 359-0100


Carol Stream

Covenant Living at Windsor Park by Covenant Living Communities and Services


Orland Park

Orland Township by Orland Township

(708) 403-4222


Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center by Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center

(815) 877-1441

Tinley Park

Providence Life Services by Providence Life Services

(800) 509-2800


Addolorata Villa by Franciscan Communities

(847) 537-2900



Marquette by Life Care Services, LLC

(317) 875-9700


Herritage Pointe by UMMH Communities

(260) 375-2201



Catholic Care Center by Via Christi Health

(316) 771-6593

Overland Park

Village Shalom by Village Shalom

(913) 317-2600


Vintage Park at Paola by Skilled Healthcare

(913) 557-0202


Cypress Springs Wichita by Cypress Springs Alzheimers and Memory Support Residence

(877) 239-0177



Nichols Village by Nichols Village

(978) 372-3930


Keystone Woods by Keystone Woods

(413) 426-9868



Hillsdale County Senior Services Center - Perennial Park by Hillsdale County Senior Services Center - Perennial Park

(517) 437-2422


Royal Park Place by Providence Life Services

(616) 772-2224



City of Bloomington by City of Bloomington

(952) 563-4955


Country Neighbors Mapleton by Ecumen

(507) 524-4990


Lakeview Commons by Ecumen

(651) 770-1111


Eventide Senior Living Communities by Eventide Senior Living Communities

(218) 233-7508


Kansas City

Wexford Place by Senior Star Living

(816) 587-5700

Kansas City,

Wexford Place Assisted Living & Memory Support by Senior Star Living




River Landing at Sandy Ridge by The Presbyterian Homes, Inc.

(336) 668-4900

Wake Forest

Always Best Care Senior Services by Always Best Care Senior Services




Northfield Retirement Communities by Northfield Retirement Communities

(308) 632-4342



Havenwood Heritage Heights by Havenwood Heritage Heights

(800) 457-6833


Taylor Community by Taylor Community

(603) 524-5600



Medford Leas by Medford Leas


West Orange

The Cliffs at Eagle Rock by The Cliffs at Eagle Rock

The Cliffs at Eagle



Sandia Vista Senior Living by Stellar Senior Living




East Greenbush

Hawthorne Ridge by St. Peter's Health Partners

(518) 833-1111


Glen Cove

Glen Cove Senior Center by City of Glen Cove

(516) 759-9610

Great Neck

Atria Cutter Mill by Atria Senior Living Group

(516) 773-8730


Atria On The Hudson by Atria Senior Living Group

(914) 762-1980


The Glen at Hiland Meadows by St. Peter's Health Partners

(518) 832-7800


The Terrace at Beverwyck by St. Peter's Health Partners

(518) 459-4062



The Kenwood By Senior Star by Senior Star Living

(513) 561-9300


Harrison on 5th by Senior Star by Senior Star Living

(380) 215-1412


Dublin Assisted Living and Memory Support by Senior Star Living


Dublin Retirement Village by Senior Star Living

(614) 764-2800


Brethren Retirement by Brethren Retirement

(937) 547-8000



Burgundy Place by Senior Star Living

(918) 299-0953



Rogue Valley by Pacific Retirement Services

(541) 857-7038



Phoebe Allentown by Phoebe Ministries



Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center by Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

(717) 243-2031


Marycrest Nursing Department by Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania

(814) 836-4100


Saint Joseph Villa by Saint Joseph Villa

(215) 836-4179


Luthercare by Luthercare

(717) 626-1171


Bethany Village by Asbury Communities

(717) 766-0279


Senior Daily Living Center - Meyersdale by Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries

(814) 634-8948


Valley View Nursing Center - Montoursville by Valley View Nursing Center

(570) 433-3161


Moravian Hall Square by Morningstar Senior Living

(610) 746-1000

New Oxford

Cross Keys Village - The Brethren Home Community by Cross Keys Village - The Brethren Home Community

(717) 624-2161

Pleasant Gap

The Oaks by Allegheny Lutheran

(814) 696-4518


Manatawny Manor by Diakon Senior Living Services


Upper St. Clair

Friendship Village of South Hills by Lifespace Communitites

(724) 941-3100


Phoebe Berks by Phoebe Berks

(610) 927-8200



Hope Alzheimers Center by Hope Alzheimers Center

(401) 946-9220



The Heritage At Brentwood by Life Care Services, LLC

(615) 564-4900



Spindletop Hill Nursing & Rehabilitation by Regency Health Care

(409) 842-9700


CC Young by CC Young

(214) 827-8080


Tribute Senior Living by Tribute Senior Living

(972) 978-3999

San Antonio

Kaulbach Assisted Living by Morningside Ministries

(210) 731-1000

The Meadows by Morningside Ministries

(210) 734-1155


Senior Citizen Center by West Central Texas Council of Governments

(325) 573-4035


American Fork

Bel Aire Senior Living by Bel Aire Senior Living

(801) 763-0622



The Culpeper by LifeSpire of Virginia



The Glebe by LifeSpire of Virginia

(540) 795-2224

Glen Allen

The Chesapeake Retirement Community by LifeSpire of Virginia



Lakewood by LifeSpire of Virginia

(804) 729-5563

Westminster Canterbury Richmond by Westminster Canterbury Richmond

(804) 264-6000



The Weatherly Inn by The Weatherly Inn

(253) 752-8550



Fairhaven Retirement by Fairhaven Retirement

(262) 753-0010



Eventide Fargo by Eventide Senior Living

(701) 478-1800

West Fargo

Eventide Sheyenne Crossings by Eventide Senior Living



Our customers love Dakim BrainFitness. Below is but a sample of the correspondence we've received from our users throughout the country:

“I am remembering numbers better.. am going to keep it up”

Mary Peterson

I absolutely love using the Dakim program. In fact, when we went to Australia to visit our son and daughter-in-law, I made sure to bring my Dakim disc along so I could use it there! And I brought my laptop to Florida on a trip, just so I could do the Dakim program and I plan on bringing it to Montana next month when I visit my brother and sister (both in their 70’s) so they can see it as well. I know they will get a kick out of it.

Having recently retired from 33 years as a School Social Worker, I find that although I do love the quiet and calm of my new life, I miss the mental challenges and quick thinking needs that existed on the job. Using Dakim regularly helps speak to that need. I spoke to another retiree about that benefit and he said he did miss those mental challenges of the work place and was going to look into your program. I’ve also noticed that I am remembering numbers better... as in looking up an item in the index of the book, I am more apt to remember the page numbers. (Hmm.... the Mambo game!) I’ve noticed as well that the "Odd Couples" exercise has helped with recall. And too, I pay more attention to detail in a visual field and am thinking that the puzzle exercise must help with that.

I very much like the variety of exercises and that it changes day to day. Yet I like the structure of the routine as in always starting with the calendar and a fact about the date. I find myself referring to those facts in conversation as in recently saying to a friend: "Did you know that today was Dr. Seuss’s birthday?" To which she replied: " I wondered why there was a display of his books in the library!"

Has your team thought about adapting this for an I-Pad? Always a new challenge, right?

Thanks so much for the hours of hard work you are doing to make this a reality. I for sure am going to keep it up.

“The strategies are very helpful... I absolutely love the program”

Marie Petrie

I really am excited about this program. It is a very delightful way of keeping one’s mind active across a variety of activities.

Occasionally, I have a problem with attempting to move along quicker than my fingers can respond and I end up making unintentional errors. Another difficulty I have is when I am asked some long-term memory facts on items that were never a part of my knowledge base.

The strategies that are taught to assist one in remembering a series of items or unrelated facts are very helpful and can easily be applied outside of the program in daily living situations. The items that involve critical thinking skills have been particularly helpful to me as these are situations that I am not challenged by in normal daily living.

I absolutely love the program and am so happy that I have this opportunity to keep my brain active. I am also glad that I was able to purchase the program at a reduced price because, being on a fixed income below the poverty level, I could not have afforded the full price.

I usually try to work on it once a day. So far, I have missed only one day when my computer was inoperable. My computer has had some problems which may have interfered with the continuity of the program. I am also applying the opportunities made available to keep track of my personal progress. This is a great aspect of the overall program because I continually attempt to do better each day.

“It’s a miracle machine.”

George Leader, Founder and CEO, Providence Place of Chambersburg

It’s a miracle machine.

“Dakim BrainFitness is powerful.”

Sara Terry, Vice President, Brookdale Senior Living

Dakim BrainFitness is powerful.

“This product is life-changing.”

Wendy Traffie, Director of Resident Services, Ecumen

This product is life-changing.

“… a powerful brain fitness program”

Kari Olson, Chief Information Officer, Front Porch

Dakim BrainFitness enables us to offer our residents in all of our care settings, a powerful brain fitness program — whether they live in our affordable housing communities or in our CCRCs.

“It’s like going into an exercise room for their brain”

Marva Godin, Director of Life Enrichment Landis Homes

It’s like going into an exercise room for their brain... and its fun. And that’s the only way you’re going to get folks to continue using their brain. It’s a lot more fun than doing the crossword puzzle or Sodoku. It’s different every day.

“It was easy to set up.”

Michelle Sullivan, Community Coordinator, Presbyterian Homes

It was easy to set up. Being a speech pathologist by background, I’ve seen an excellent variety of cognitive exercises. I doesn’t just focus in on one type of exercise... it exercises many parts of the brain.

“What’s great about Dakim is they’ve thought this through.”

Ed Silva, Executive Director, Brookdale Senior Living

What’s great about Dakim is they’ve thought this through. There’s no keyboard. There’s no mouse. It’s all touch screen, so it’s very easy for the residents to operate. Another great thing is they actually upload new information constantly, so it gives the resident a new experience each time. Our residents go regularly. They really, really enjoy it. It’s a great selling tool as well. I’m really pleased with it.

“We’ve seen such a tremendous improvement in their quality of life...”

Rodney Stoops, Administrator, Providence Place of Chambersburg, PA

We’ve seen such a tremendous improvement in their quality of life... with people beginning to talk for the first time in 2 years. Dakim has definitely helped us increase our market share.

“The great thing about Dakim BrainFitness...It helps to build new connections in the brain at any age.”

Stephen White, Methodist Elder Care

The great thing about Dakim BrainFitness...It helps to build new connections in the brain at any age. This is so much fun, that it just gets you hooked on it and you want to do it every day.

“…we recognize that maintaining one’s cognitive health is a very important aspect of successful aging.”

Beth Quarles, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, BMA Management

Our company focus is on maintaining the health, wellness, dignity and independence of each resident; and we recognize that maintaining one’s cognitive health is a very important aspect of successful aging. Dakim’s program is unique in it’s ability to address the brain fitness needs of each resident individually, and over the past year our residents have reported that the program has made a real difference with their memory abilities. The expansion of the program is logical given the outcomes, and yet another reason why BMA continues to be a leading innovator in affordable senior housing.

“…we look forward to a long relationship with your company.”

Pam Sandberg, Bethany Convent

We have seen improved memory upon annual care conference review...of course one would have to take all life factors (changes, medications etc) into consideration here, but the fact remains some improvement has been noted. Another benefit to the machine is the fact that residents are able to use it independently. This makes a great difference in their interest in keeping themselves sharp; they feel they have some control over their situation. They do feel the self esteem results that come from keeping your brain and body fit and, of course, they report feeling much sharper all day if they start off challenging and achieving! This continues to result in positive results to the resident, of course. It is also good to note that at times residents have other health matters and /or concerns and at these times the Dakim offers that routine to their day that they so need to feel in control of their lives, despite their health concerns at the time. We count the Dakim brain machine as a great asset to our facility and we look forward to a long relationship with your company.

“All of our residents enjoy Dakim BrainFitness immensely.”

Carol Crook, Lifestyles Program Director, Brookdale Senior Living

All of our residents enjoy Dakim BrainFitness immensely. It is very easy to use. It takes no time away from my normal schedule.

“I work in the Senior Living Indusrty and was asked to try it out…”

Tonya Zalick

I did in fact receive a 10 day Free Trial of the Dakim Brain Fitness Program. I work in the Senior Living Indusrty and was asked to try it out and let my employer know what I thought.
That employer did not decide to move forward with plans to bring it to the community where I worked. However, the community where I work now just signed up with Dakim, received the equipment and is now getting the residents set up on it. I am thrilled, I know that they are going to enjoy it. I did!