When maintaining your brain health is not a game...

Online and other digital brain games can be fun. But if you’re interested in actually protecting your brain health, you should be aware of some key differences between the activities most people think of when they say "brain games" vs. a comprehensive program of clinically tested brain fitness exercises, such as Dakim BrainFitness.

What They Are
Individual games (some of which may help a single cognitive function).
A structured system of exercises designed to help you work a wide range of cognitive areas on a regular basis.
Virtually none. Casual brain-gaming—whether on your phone, computer, or tablet— is cheap and quick, satisfying the person who likes to play on impulse.
Greater investment for greater rewards. As with physical fitness, the big returns come when you make brain exercise a regular part of your life. (Of course, you need to find a comprehensive program you really enjoy doing.)
A fun diversion within a busy lifestyle.
Staying sharp and fighting memory loss.
Individual brain games tend to be limited in scope, and participation is often sporadic. They offer amusement (and a momentary ego boost when you rack up zillions of points!).
A structured brain-exercise program offers the most potential for improvements in memory, as well as protection against the effects of age-related cognitive decline.
Who Uses Them
Casual brain games are perfect for those who aren't concerned about brain health, but want an occasional arcade-like diversion that teases their brains.
Structured brain fitness programs are for those who are serious about maintaining their brain health. They also serve the needs of health care professionals because they’re most likely to produce tangible, clinically verifiable results.
Dakim BrainFitness is just
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