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November 11, 2008


Written by: Dakim

Welcome to Dakim, Inc.’s new blog about brain fitness, cognitive
software and Dakim BrainFitness programs.

You’ll see a number of people, from Dakim and elsewhere, posting to
this blog, but you’ll see a lot of me. I used to help make the games
that Dakim BrainFitness plays, the games that help train and exercise our
brains. I’m just as excited now, as I was when I first heard about
Dakim two years ago, because I’ve seen first hand how dementia affects
us all, whether we’re coping for ourselves or helping loved ones or
are professional care-takers.

This is an exciting year in terms of improving treatment for dementia,
traumatic brain injury, and Alzheimer’s. Dakim has been following the
latest research in cognitive fitness and incorporating techniques for
brain fitness training in Dakim’s game software. With the
recently announced plans for a Home unit, we can expect lots of
activity here, and on our new discussion boards.

Settle in your chair, and pick up a keyboard to let us know what you
think, what you’d like to know about the Dakim BrainFitness, and do go introduce
yourself in our new discussion forum.

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