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December 4, 2008

Three Aspects of Brain Fitness

Written by: Dakim

In a recent article at SeniorJournal.com, Dr. Asenath LaRue, a senior scientist and neuropsychologist at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH), says there are three primary areas, and ways to “keep fit” as we age:

1. Be Physically Active.

According to LaRue, the key is regular activity, not necessarily planned exercise. Regularly participating in activities like walking, dancing, gardening,—even house and yard work—could increase our long term brain health.

2. Challenge Your Brain.

Engage in a variety of “brain exercises.” Calculations, simple arithematic, crosswords and word-search games and puzzles. Listen actively and deliberately set out to learn; attending plays, lectures, concerts and visiting museums engage our brains. These are exactly the sorts of games, activities and “brain exercises” built into Dakim BrainFitness Systems.

3. Stay Socially Active.

LaRue suggests that people who are socially active may “hold up better cognitively than those who are less socially active.” Meet people, talk to and with them; share a skill, play a game— play a Dakim Brain Fitness session with a group of friends.

LaRue concludes that

“While we don’t know at what point in an individual’s life the three factors have maximum impact, the theory is that the better developed your coping resources, the more likely you are to withstand brain changes affecting memory and thinking.

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