Give a loved one the mental stimulation they need
Taking care of a cognitively impaired loved one is never easy. But now with Dakim BrainFitness, you can help them function better, feel better, and improve their quality of life. In many cases, regular participation can increase their ability to focus and may even help maintain cognitive functioning in the future. There’s no better time than today to start giving them the brain fitness exercise they need!
Brain fitness software that’s fun, upbeat, and inspirational

Medical research has shown that regular, comprehensive brain exercise can help people stay mentally engaged, improve memory skills, and even reduce the effects of cognitive decline.

Dakim BrainFitness is designed to provide a fun and varied brain fitness session in just 20 minutes a day, stimulating six essential cognitive domains with activities appropriate for those with mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment. Your loved one will enjoy a constantly changing stream of rich, interactive activities that include music, film clips, humor, inspiring photography, and plenty of encouragement. This approach guarantees players stay engaged and appropriately challenged, without becoming frustrated—just like the thousands of seniors across the country who’ve made Dakim the #1 brain-training product in senior living communities. When it comes to meeting the brain fitness needs of individuals who require extra support, no other program comes close.

Engages the brain in six essential cognitive areas

Just as your body benefits from different types of training for strength, speed, flexibility, and balance, the brain also benefits from a varied set of challenges, especially in those with mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment. The exercises in the Dakim BrainFitness program are designed to stimulate six essential cognitive domains, combining to give the brain a comprehensive workout, and at the same time provide users with the support and encouragement they need to succeed.

Dakim’s scientifically based brain exercises are developed in conjunction with leading physicians and neuroscientists and enhanced with high entertainment value to keep the program interesting and fun. Learn more about the Dakim content development process here.

Essential cognitive domains
  • Short-term memory
  • Long-term memory
  • Language
  • Computation
  • Visuospatial orientation
  • Critical thinking

Always stimulating. Never too hard.

The Dakim BrainFitness program uses proprietary technology to monitor player performance during the brain exercise session. It dynamically self-adjusts the level of challenge to serve a broad spectrum of users, including those with mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment (MCI) or even dementia.

Selecting from among thousands of exercises in the content library, and downloading new ones as they become available, the program generates a well-balanced and easily manageable workout every time. Combined with a library of richly produced, original content, this guarantees an experience that’s comfortable, positive, and supportive, keeping users coming back for the greatest long-term benefits.

Typical User Profile Over Several Sessions
Brain Fitness Graphs
Easy to read and easy to use

Dakim BrainFitness uses large, easy-to-read text, bold graphics, and straightforward instructions that are both printed and read aloud to ensure an experience that’s always fun and never intimidating. Everything is automated: Even people with moderate dementia are often able to play on their own, or with minimal supervision that can provide a great opportunity for interaction.

Fully automated play and a huge library of rich content make Dakim BrainFitness ideal stimulation—and the perfect catalyst to greater connection between you and a loved one.

Brain Fitness Interface
Dakim BrainFitness is just
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